Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Cape Epic

In 23 days time, it is the start of the 2011 Absa Cape Epic MTB race.
An 8 day stage race, taking place over various locations in the Western Cape.
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Ty and Collin completed the event last year (2010), and to be honest, I'm rather bleak they’re not competing this year :(
It was an amazing experience as a supporter and so great to have been there to see my brother complete such an awesome and prestigious event!!!
Although I’m sure my parents aren’t too sad… Last year turned out to be a rather pricey experience.

I would like to quickly add that my little brother started cycling due a bet I was given to complete the Argus. Haha! Little did he know 3yrs later he would be doing the Absa Cape Epic!

Stage one kicked off at Diemersfontein in Wellington. An early and cold start! Seeing lots of familiar faces and absolutely loving the vibe (I think I was more excited than the cyclists).

We saw the boys off and made our way to vantage point 1. While waiting for the boys, we could just picture how Tyron was going to make his appearance… On his back wheel of course, followed by some skidding around the corner. Needless to say - we clearly know him very well....

Stage one finished in Ceres – the boys had completed the 1st 117km of their 722km journey.
The stage finished with a 12km long railway section. I’ve never heard someone say, with such vigor – “GIVE ME HILLS, give me lots of hills over that torture!!!!” The 12km of iron sleepers created a lot of up raw amongst the cyclists. A rather testing experience (mentally)! Clearly they’d be given ‘climbing torture’ instead… I’d rather not give it a try.

Debbie and I are a terrible combination – hair needs to be straightened, make up on, etc etc. Morning of stage 2, I think the boys were none too impressed when we tripped the electricity at 5:30am so we could GHD our hair. Ooops! Struggling to find keys to the elect box… oh dear, we’re not too popular.
Um – then we missed them at vantage point 1. HAHA!

We headed on through to vantage point 2 - a really nice shaded area to relax, where we waited for the boys.
Ty and Col came through in one piece, except for a missing helmet visor and a brand new pair of Rudy Project sunglasses.
Ty wouldn’t accept the fact that they were lost, and explained to me that it was up the hill past vantage point 1 - I must go up the hill, around a curve of the road, by a whole bunch of bumps, and then id see a big bump, after some little bumps, and they’ll be there…. Huh! Seriously, do you actually expect me to find them?!?

Anyhoo – I set off for a little jog in the bush. Came across an injured elderly guy who had cut his face and was just about passed out! I managed to assist him and his partner to get him to the vantage point.
He must have fallen in the same spot Collin did…. there lay Collins visor. WOW – I actually found the glasses. A-MA-ZING!!!!!
This seemed to be an eventful day – Mom also managed to misplace the car keys amongst all the excitement. BIG time stress haha!

At the end of stage 2, it was time for me to head back to Cape Town to watch the Parlotones at Kirstenbosch Gardens with my lovely flat mate, Louise Day.
I unfortunately missed stages 3 -5, however, I eagerly awaited Mother Birds twitter feeds to follow the boys progress.

I took the day off work on the Friday, and took a chilled drive through to Elgin (Grabouw). Stopping off for some lunch on route, at the awesome Peregrine Farm Stall (a must stop every time I’m in that area).

Somewhere during stage 6, we were sitting in some mild traffic and saw a guy wrestling something – not quite sure at this point what it was…..
As we got closer we could identify the poor thing as an emu. It decided it was a good idea to cause some chaos amongst the cyclists. Rather entertaining. Although we were rather concerned about how this poor thing must have been incredibly distressed!

The Cape Epic had finally come to an end, finishing at Lourensford Wine Estate on Sat 28 March 2010, where they also organise a trail run and MTB ride for the novices ;) I was suffering terribly with shin splints – but it really helps to have your own physio around :D hehe. Claire did an amazing job at strapping me!!!!!!!! I actually forgot I had shin splints for a day! Enabling me to do the trail run pain free. Whoop!

The Epic is an amazing event! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!!!!!!
As the 2011 Epic grows closer, I keep feeling extremely sad that ill be missing out this year. And even more so this year as my friendies, Plush, will be playing at Lourensford at the finish.

However, I will be flying home to be a part of a very good friends wedding. Whoohoo!!!! I have also been asked to play at their wedding. (Celyn and Dustin, I am counting down the days!) Too excited :)

For those of you who are around, I really suggest taking a drive to one of the stages. Such an awesome experience and such stunning parts of the Western Cape!!!! Something everyone should get to experience! Hopefully I’ll get to experience it again soon!(hint hint, nudge nudge Ty).