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2010 - The year of my first Double Century

After 2 years of being part of the back up crew for Double Century (202km cycle race), it became reality that it would soon be my turn to cycle the Double Century. When Lance initially planted the idea in my head I never thought it would ACTUALLY happen.

Earlier last year (2010) Lance introduced me to someone who has fast become one of my best friends, and honestly one of the most amazing ladies I've ever met. Zandre and I started our DC journey with the 2010 Argus as our first goal. Training every Tues and Thurs with the “Henry group” - every week trying to see how much further we could push ourselves. A Wed consisted of a 2.5hrs spinning class with Mr. Muller himself. Friday was the day all cyclists looked forward to :) our weekly Cafe Neo coffee ride :) Sat and Sundays were for the long days in the saddle and of course a little coffee at half way point (preferably Olympia CafĂ© in Kalk Bay - chocolate croissant.... YUM!).
Cycling is one of the most amazing sports. Who gets to say that in one weekend they went to Sea Point, Camps Bay, Hout Bay, Kalk Bay, Simons Town, Cape Point.... The list goes on. Not to mention the amazing views from Chappies and watching the dolphins alongside Bakeoven.
We did of course endure the dreadful Cape Town winters too!!!!!!!! Setting off for a 3hr ride in the POURING rain (from beginning to end, sigh), feeling like we were sitting in a puddle of water, and loosing all feeling in every last part of our bodies!!!!!!!! Generally you can't keep Zannie and I quiet. So when conversation comes to a halt, you know our sense of humor has failed.
Boyes Drive, on a very wet day

Jenna always brought entertainment to the rides – being the 23 yr old singalite. Zannie was the wise friend who always seemed to know the best solution! Never mind the rides I used to do on 2hrs sleep (if I was lucky!). Living my happily balanced life, well thats what I like to convince myself ;)

Our first real adventure and cycling test was our trip to Hermanus for Lance's annual birthday bash. We set off with the group - both of us extremely nervous about keeping up with the group. The average speed was sitting around 29km/hr which is considerably higher than we ever ride (we’re fun riders remember). We were later attacked by cross winds and soon realised it was time to get into the car, but I was proud to say I managed 110km of the journey. 
Nina, Zan, Jen, Shaun, Lance, Jaco, Ang, Ian, Karen, Tam, Christie
We had been lucky enough to have trained the entire year without experiencing a puncture. However the time came for Jen & Zannie to experience their first tyre changing moment. Coming down Suikkerbossie, back towards Camps Bay, I felt my tyre wobbling underneath me (no – I’ve never experienced this before). We stop to change it… Jenna has grease EVERYWHERE! Right on queue for a sexy legged male cyclist to stop and offer his assistance. I was so embarrassed! Needless to say Lizzie got a clean straight after that ride! When it came time to pump it up I offer Zan my bomb. I was slightly confused when she asked me how I intended using the bomb.... I was always given the bomb to carry around but never actually knew there were other contraptions required (I'm clearly a novice).  Coming through Camps Bay I feel my tyre wobble again..... We clearly didn't check it properly for glass, sigh......

As the year goes on, the dreaded DC draws nearer.
There was huge debate as to whether or not I should do One Toner, bearing in mind it was the day after my birthday. Louise (my flatmate) forbid such silly behavior the day after my birthday, I on the other hand was certain I could live a balanced life and both party and complete a 160km race. Needless to say - I lived to regret my decision.... But we finished in one piece and this was our 1st real test of team work. 
One Toner 2010

Making up the 12 people for the DC team was not an easy task!!!! I had sleepless nights about it, but the age old saying held true - things always work themselves out. I emailed EVERY cyclist I know - including some of the SA pro's haha! In the end I had 12 super rad people in the team, team jerseys made, accommodation sorted and all the "gees" to go with it!

On 27 November 2010, Team Vibe was ready to roll – lumo stars in place and ready to rock this show.
We were EXTREMELLY late for the start, most of us forgot our heart rate monitors at home, Jenna was sick (rest assured, it wasn’t in my chest) – this wasn’t looking to be a great day.
We set off, everyone in amazing spirits, until the next obstacle arose. Our back up team (Craig and Claudia) couldn’t find the bakkie’s keys…. After all the chaos, the keys were on the bakkies roof all along. Epic fail! Hahaha!
Lucky they made it to the 1st water stop – which was a much needed one, at the top of Op de Tradouw, about 60kms into the race. 
Top of Op de Tradouw
Double Century is one of those races where you have your ups and downs, and you most definitely rely on team effort and encouragement!
For a bunch of people who barely knew one another, I was so impressed with the amazing team work and so very proud of my team for finishing in one piece and with a smile on everyone’s face.
Thank you Team Vibe! May the team live on…
James, Brendon, Damon, JL, Zan, Jen, Kirst, Nina, Marc, Iain
Team Vibe Results: 09:13:21


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