Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Knysna Oyster Festival

I'm actually frightened by how the days, weeks, months and years are just flying by....
I can remember my 1st Kynsa trip like it was yesterday.

I headed to the Knysna Oyster Fest for the 1st time in 2009. 
I went up with Stu to run the Forest Half Marathon. As always - I had an injury. Sigh! And as always, I was stubborn and did the run none the less.
We had such a fun weekend, and I declared that every year I would return.

So the following year we did just that. This time around we decide to go for the entire festival and make the most of it.

I'm pleased to report that this year I was injury free!!
I did the road cycle - an awesome morning out and some great sight seeing :) 

The following morning I took a nice chilled ride with Leon to find one of the most incredible views I've ever seen - view from Brenton on Sea over looking Knysna. What an incredible sunrise!

This was followed by a hike in Natures Valley. We got a tad lost and ended up being out and about for around 6 or 7hrs. I was slightly shattered - but it was well worth it.

I woke up the following morning feeling terrible! This didn't stop us. The boys did the Featherbed night trail run - while I drank hot chocolate & watched Tour de France. The Bod managed to claim a 3rd place - nice work Jamo. 

The following day I checked out Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours with Nixs, Tony and Candice.
Lots of fun!! Clearly no rest for the wicked.

Friday night we hosted a braai at our place at Leisure Isle - which ended up being a lot bigger than expected. 
I then found myself at the Plush gig in town. Good fun! Except the part where we had to be up at 4am. Didn't give us much time to sleep. I did however need to live up to my team shirt ;)

The forest run is incredible!! One of the most amazing experiences. From being bused into the forest, the vibe up there and the great joy of giving away your blankets and jerseys to the excited spectators. 
Its an absolutely incredible run, and I'd suggest everyone do it at least once (and more if you're able to). 
Of course the festival doesn't end there. The festivities continue after the race - and in my opinion this day is the best day of the festival. I've never been to the Heineken official after party - I always start at Crabs Creek and have so much fun I never leave :)

Nature's Valley Hike, Leisure Isle jol, Finish of Knysna Half, Team Shirts:) 

These are some of my highlights of the week in Knysna. So many things to do and see!
Check it out :) 
And follow them on Twitter for updates @oysterfestival

This Friday we set off to the awesome Oyster Fest. 
It looks as though I won't b running this year due to injuries and continues bouts of the flu. I'm clearly becoming soft in my old age ;) 
However, I will be road tripping with the ladies and look forward to a guaranteed epic trip :)
Be sure to keep an eye out for Team VIBE!

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