Thursday, January 12, 2012

10 days and counting…

Double Century, Jail Break, Christmas and New Year are all done and dusted. The past few weeks have flown by. It feels like months ago that DC took place - always an interesting and testing race!! One feels a lot closer to your team mates by the end of the race hehe. 

11 (out of 12) Team VIBE! Double Century members made it across the finish line. Everyone did incredibly! and as always, the boys were legends – pushing the girls up the last climbs (so incredibly grateful!!!!!!!)

 DSC_0235 [Desktop Resolution]DSC_0313 [Desktop Resolution]    IMG01122-20111126-1336

Double Century Video recorded on Ty’s GoPro

So I got myself a super awesome 2XU wetsuit – the first time i tried it on I decided we were going to be enemies. I never knew how hard these things are to put on… and the horrible chafing they can give a person - very glad Zan and I have managed to solve that problem by wearing our “knickers” around our necks hehe. Now I'm completely in love with it!


IMG01162-20111208-0730 (1)I suspect my love for my wetsuit is due to experiencing the freezing cold water at Clifton. I thought my fingers were going to fall off!!!!! I cant begin to imagine not wearing a wetsuit in that water.

We’ve been trying to get as much practice with our open water swims. Training in the Waterfront Canals, Langebaan Lagoon, Silvermine Dam and in the sea just off Clifton 4th beach.

Despite everyone's concerns about the cleanliness of the canals they are actually loads of fun. Lots of poles and cement underneath us (which is a little off putting initially) and lots of tiny little cute looking jellyfish.

So Jail Break triathlon was super awesome!! Tough mentally, but such awesome training. It took place in Rawsonville area. I was blown away by Brandvlei Dam when we arrived – so incredibly beautiful there!



I felt really good in the swim and thoroughly enjoyed it. I lost a lot of time in the transition area. Forgot my food – had to go back. Then headed out with my bike only to be told I had forgotten my number. sigh… And the biggest mistake I made was forgetting my suntan cream.

I felt like a vampire who’s skin was melting for the next few days! I thought my arm was going to be branded no. 381 for life and my back be left with a hideous trisuit tan.  However, the December holidays managed to fix that :D


We had a rather nasty head wind out on the bike, but i felt good and enjoyed the cycle. Zan and I ended up meeting up on route and had a quick chat (cycling side by side). I got pulled over and was given a 2min penalty, haha. Apparently we were drafting (fair enough). The fun rider getting a penalty – what a laugh!

The run was tough!!!!! I've been struggling terribly with shin splints, so as a result I've limited my running training. Not an ideal time to do 70.3 but once I’ve made up my mind there’s no way you can convince me otherwise.


Today the countdown begins… my nerves can’t really handle this! But its also super exciting!!

Last few days of training and then tapering begins, and the road trip to East London. I think the most important thing is to keep the mental strength going…

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming :D

And of course remember why I'm doing this…


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