Tuesday, May 24, 2011

CLINIQUE Girls.Night.Out

For those of you who don’t know Team VIBE!… we love to entertain, get all dressed up and most of all, have tons of fun.  When we found out about a competition Clinique was holding (who can host the best Clinique party) we were incredibly excited about it, as this is what we do best J

In true Team VIBE! style – Go big, or go home!  We decided to record a track and put together a little something for the Clinique Crew.

Matt very kindly offered to assist us with the recording at Sound & Motion Studios (my 2nd home).
We started out with some pre-production at the Naughties Mansion – laying done some guitar, vocals and piano.  Seeing what works and getting some practice in J

Time to hit the studio!!
We mic'd up Agatha (our baby grand piano) at Sound & Motion, with Jen laying down the piano tracks, after which Lou knocked out her guitar like a human metronome.
Finishing off with the vocals and vocal harmonies.

  Matt was then left to mix the track and make it sound all pretty J You rock Matski!

The idea was to show Clinique just how much fun girls can have (not very hard with this bunch of girls).
Pretty cupcakes (Lol you should you go into business - incredible!), champers and Clinique products all in place and ready to get the girls set for a night out.  

The girls arrived, and an epic evening of fun awaited us.
From indulging in our Clinique gift packs, sabrage, delicious eats and bubbles, and probably the most fun of the evening - the photobooth!
We setup a photo booth so everyone could take pics as and when they wanted to – lots of props to make the evening that much more entertaining. Jenna "Trigger-Happy" Bird was of course also armed with the camera, hehe.

We put together a little video of pics with our chick anthem. Check out!
Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!

Acoustic version of What the Hell - Avril Lavigne
Recording done at Sound & Motion Studios, Cape Town. Engineered by Mr Matthew James.
Huge thank you for your help and amazing work!! www.soundandmotion.co.za

Jenna Bird on piano and vocals, and Miss Louise Day on guitar and vocals
World class cupcakes, and party prep by Lauren Farrar
Clinique party peeps - Lou, Jen, Lol, Nics, Mareli, Meg and Monty
Photo's and video editing by Jen Bird

Thanks to CLINIQUE for supplying the gift packs and giving us an excuse to host an awesome girls night :)

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